Everyone should have easy access to COVID-19 testing.

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Advanced testing for a new generation.

The COVID-19 pandemic is a once-in-a-century global crisis.  Widespread, frequent testing is the key to getting the world back on its feet. Current COVID-19 testing options are unreliable, expensive, slow, and uncomfortable.

Our goal is accurate, affordable, and simple testing that can be done anywhere — from the point of care to the home. We aim to make testing available to everyone around the world, for COVID-19 today and any pathogen tomorrow.

Working to make accurate, affordable, simple testing accessible to:

Healthcare Communities

Enable hospitals, schools, and nursing homes to frequently test the most vulnerable.

Businesses, Institutions, and Governments

Empower these organizations to make regular testing part of their reopening strategies.


Allow individuals to easily test themselves before spending time with family, friends, and their community.

A team to lead innovation

The team is led by Dr. Jonathan Rothberg, founder of the 4Catalyzer incubator and inventor of next-generation DNA sequencing.

The 4Catalyzer family of companies is mobilized to fight COVID-19. Learn more about what Butterfly Network, AI Therapeutics, and Hyperfine are doing to combat the pandemic.

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